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  • Jan B. Balet

    Jan B. Balet studied in Munich and in Berlin. He left Germany in 1938, in protest against the Hitler regime, and went to the US. There, he worked for “Madamoiselle”, “Seventeen” and “Vogue”. (more…)
  • The Amazing Ed Emberley

    The first book I have seen by Ed Emberley was Make a world. It was the 2007 edition (originally 1972). The book was hidden on a bookshelf, between other few others coloring titles, in a very small bookstore in Barcelona. I immediately loved it. (more…)
  • Brave publishers

    Last week Etana Editions received the “Beautiful Book Prizes 2014” in children’s books category by the Finnish Book Art Committee. Considering that Etana is a very young publisher, with a catalog of two titles and some more to come, this sounds like a very promising first step. (more…)
  • Doodling and coloring

    In UK and France there is a funded market of doodling and coloring books not only for kids, but for adults, too. It seems that coloring is a wonderful de-stressed activity, “generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brains areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity” (as said in this article on HuffPost). During my last visit in Switzerland I spent more an hour in a wonderful bookstore, where a big table offered me dozens of those coloring books, with many different subjects, from mandalas to gothic art, wonderful pages of objects or people dressed in thousands ways, details, dots and lines to play with. (more…)
  • Unusual abilities

    I have put some children with disabilities into my books on the margin, and then two or three years ago, I thought: why can’t they be the main characters?

    Quentin Blake

  • BolognaRagazzi Award 2015

    The BolognaRagazzi Award is one of the most important prizes inside the children’s books market worldwide. Every year, an international jury selects the winners of the three sections (Fiction, Non-fiction and Opera Prima) and assigns honorable mentions to other remarkable books from all countries and languages. To celebrate Expo 2015, this year a new category has been launched. It’s called “Books&Seeds” and it’s dedicated to those works “dealing with subjects such as agriculture, organic farming, biodiversity, food, hunger, abundance, nutrition, safety and cooking”. (more…)

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