Contact us following our guidelines.

We are always looking for new projects!


1) You can send your portfolio in .pdf format, a link to your website or Behance, whatever you think it can be useful for us to know you. Keep in mind that this is the first look at what you do and how your style is.

2) If you have a book project, send an abstract, or explain your idea, and include all the stuff you think can help. Please do not send big attachments.

3) Tell us why you are contacting our Agency and what you would like to do in the future.

4) Ask questions if you have. Asking questions is not forbidden.

5) Be patient! We receive lots of emails and we try to answer all of them. But if you don’t hear back from us for a month, feel free to send a reminder.


Phileas Fogg provides, among others, the following services:

– representation of catalogs, collections or single projects in territories/languages or worldwide;

– rights sales, coeditions and any kind of license or deal concerning your books and creations;

– consultation on contracts, foreign rights deals, royalty reports;

– illustrators database.


The Agency has a solid network of professionals working as editors, art directors, illustrators, writers, editorial consultants.

Send an email and we will be glad to talk about it.

Phileas Fogg Agency address:

Via A. Tombesi 43

47814 Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) – Italy

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