From beard to moustache

From beard to moustache
by Pepe Nimbi (Stefano Rossetti)

Manly. Elegant. Quirky. Let’s face it, a man with a mustache has that extra oomph. Legendary heroes, incurable Latin lovers, exponents of science and culture: history is fraught with illustrious examples of men remembered not only for their feats, but also for their mustaches.
But finding the right mustache, shaping it the right way, and grooming it to perfection isn’t always easy. You need know-how, determination, passion, and great devotion. So here is the ultimate (semi-serious) guide to expound the glorious history of the male ornament par excellence, to choose among the various styles, and reproduce them under your own nose thanks to practical, illustrated, step-by-step tutorials. From the ever-contemporary Handlebar Moustache to a more nostalgic Pornovintage style, from the dauntless Horseshoe to the eclectic Freestyle – the secrets for the transformation of the area between nose and upper lip into a personal temple devoted to the concept of “male style.”
A useful, practical, fun book for the man who is ever in search of a bemustached look.

13 x 18 cm
176 pages

Rights represented: Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Rights available for all other languages.


24 Ore Cultura, Publishers


24 Ore Cultura

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