If apples had teeth

If apples had teeth
Text by Shirley Glaser and illustrations by Milton Glaser

If apples had teeth what would happen? They would bite back, of course! And if pickles were tickled? They would never be sour. Published for the first time in 1960, If apples had teeth was Shirley and Milton Glaser’s first children’s book together. A list of all sort of things that defy definitions and drag us into a world of nonsense full of vivid color illustrations that are just as funny and improbable as the text. A very funny book of IF’s that is colorful, zany, and utterly refreshing. Guaranteed to start a whole rash of fresh IF’s.

40 pages
17,5 x 22 cm

Rights represented: World.
Rights sold to: English (World).

Rights available for all other languages.


Bruaá Edição, Publishers


Bruaá Edição

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