All the colours I see – Tate publishing

Text and illustrations: Allegra Agliardi

Hardcover, 64 pages die-cuts

Size: 22 x 16 cm

Rights represented: Spanish, Portuguese and Italian languages.
Rights sold to: Italian.

Rights available for all languages.

The world is filled with many colours. From the soft green grass to the glistening sapphires, to the juicy yellow pear and the fallen crimson leaves, this captivating and inventive book guides the reader through the different shades of colour. The lyrical text, engaging illustrations and fun die-cuts add to the magic of the book. Through simple observation we learn that colours can be bright, dull, bold, sour, cold, deep, loud and many, many more! The perfect book to encourage children to look at the work around them and see the wonderful colours that surround them.

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