Ask your father – Bruaá

Text: Davide Calì
Illustrations: Noemi Vola

Hardcover, 40 pages

Size: 19 x 26 cm

Rights represented: World.
Rights available for all languages.

Adults can sometimes be mysterious. Some of the sentences they say are vague and not easy to decipher! So, when talking to them it’s quite easy to get into some misunderstandings. But wait no more! Here it is ! The manual of interpretation that children have been looking for. Made by someone that has been listening to adults for a long time, this is the most helpful and humorous guide to those strange, ambiguous and obscure sentences used by adults when talking with kids. We really hope that this can improve the communication between both sides, especially for children, not so much for adults. We’ll see… In the meanwhile, go and ask your father.

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