Dimitri on the road – Artur Givargizov + Victoria Semykina

Text: Artur Givargizov
Illustrations: Victoria Semykina

Hardcover, 48 pages – originally published in Russian by Egmont, 2017

Size: 22,3 x 21,3 cm

© Artur Givargizov and Victoria Semykina
Rights represented: World except Russian.
Rights available for all languages.

Dimitri is a very imaginative boy. He loves to go skating, by bike and by bus. He knows all about good manners: he gives up the seat to old ladies, respects speed limits, he crosses the street on the crosswalks.
Despite all these premises, things are not as clear as they seem, and Dimitri will make his own interpretation of common sense and the Highway code.


Artur Givargizov is one of the most acclaimed and respected Russian writers. He published more than 30 titles and won many prestigious national awards. His style is full of humor and built on paradox.

Victoria Semykina is a Russian illustrator living in Bologna. Her picture books are internationally acclaimed and with the book The real boat she has been shortlisted for 2018 Klaus Flugge Prize.

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