João e os monstros – Bruaá

Text: Antonio Gouveia
Illustrations: Beatrice Cerocchi

Hardcover, 32 pages

Size: 20 x 22,5 cm

Rights represented: World.

Rights available for all languages.

Have you known anyone who has found a monster under their bed? Has there ever been a monster under your bed? Your parent’s bed? Your sibling’s bed? All around the world this is a fear for many children (and adults), and it’s ok to be afraid. John knows that, but he also knows that he’s a courageous boy and he’s not taking it anymore. John and the monsters tells the story of that night when John took that brave decision when it was time to go to bed. A little story of suspense with a big surprise in the end that will leave everyone with a smile, except for the monsters, of course.

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