Marta & Moi – Éditions Notari

Text and illustrations: It’s raining elephants

Hardcover, 80 pages

Size: 26,7 x 18,6 cm

Rights represented: World.
Rights sold to German, Complex Chinese, English.

Rights available for all languages.

Martha loves to draw: this is how she creates the Lion. What happens next is the most unexpected: Lions comes out the paper and the two friends start a wonderful adventure. Floating between reality and imagination, surrounded by a colorful forest or a noisy city, Martha and Lion smile, scream, run and listen to the music together.

“Deceptively simple line drawings complement dramatic paintings and bright splotches stylistically reminiscent of Jackson Pollack. The primary palette—heavy on the yellow—lends to the action and rising tension. Details big and small will leap out to sharp-eyed pre-readers, and simple rhyming couplets offer children opportunities to join in a read-aloud. Doled out one line per double-page spread, they keep the pacing of this extra-long picture book sprightly.” – Kirkus Review

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