Matilde – Bruaá

Text: Luis Correira Carmelo
Illustrations: Mariachiara di Giorgio

Hardcover, 48 pages

Size: 19,4 x 24,3 cm

Rights represented: World.
Rights available for all languages.

Mr. Narcissus has a certain attraction for shop windows, mirrors and all that can reflect his beautiful figure. That is why, every single day, he takes plenty of time to look at himself in the window of Boutique Esmeralda, a newly opened shop below his house. What he doesn’t know is that behind the shop window is Matilde, the employee that sees him every single day making these gestures and throwing looks that are hard to ignore. Separated by the shop window two hearts beat: Matilde’s for Mr. Narcissus and Mr. Narcissus for himself. How will these two love stories meet?

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