Mi barrio – Alboroto ediciones

Text: María José Ferrada
Illustrations: Ana Penyas

Hardcover, 32 pages

Size: 23 x 23 cm

Rights represented: World.
Rights available for all languages.

“Mexique”, with text by María José Ferrada and illustrations by Ana Penyas, tells the story of 456 children, sons and daughters of Spanish republicans who have been sent away by their own parents in 1937, to Mexico, on a ship, to escape from the imminent war. Promising they were going to come back soon, children left their families, and unfortunately, history tells us that they will never have a chance to come back home, and see them again. Welcomed in Mexico, they lived there. It is so powerful to read the reconstruction of that journey, where the older children became brothers and sisters to the little ones, where sometimes they all cry, sometimes they play and smile, and they become a family, taking care of each other. A very powerful book that I am sure will lead to much discussion and comments,  a precious story that, I am convinced, it is important to bring to the readers, especially now.

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