Nunca se passa nada no meu bairro – Bruaá

Text and illustrations: Ellen Raskin

Hardcover, 36 pages

Size: 20 x 16cm

Rights represented: World.
Rights sold to Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese.

Rights available for all languages.

Nothing ever happens on my block is one long complaint by a boy who thinks he lives on the most boring block in his city. But while a bored Chester Filbert goes on lamenting that he can’t find anything interesting in his surroundings (sounds familiar?), behind him a dozen different scenes unfold in bright splashes of color: a fire rages, a landscaper digs up some buried treasure, a postman is dowsed in water, a parachute lands, an ambulance is called, different scenes unfold offering a pictorial counterpoint that will offer hours of diversion to readers who will find themselves picking out first the obvious then the many details.

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