O vencedor – Bruaá

Text: Kjell Ringi

Illustrations: Kjell Ringi

Hardcover, 36 pages

Size: 20,3 x 20,6 cm

Rights represented: World.
Rights sold to: Chinese.

Rights available for all languages.

In this story, two people meet. Two men, one on each side of a two-page spread, face each other with increasingly more (prestigious, militaristic) accessories: top hat and cane vs. uniform and flag, horse vs. dragon, etc. With the disguises come fear and with fear comes weapons to defend themselves against one another. Their passion to excel ultimately brings the story and the rivalry to and end. The Winner is constructed with utter simplicity and yet maintaining depth of thought, with its small simple characters set against a large white page cannot help but emphasize the needlessness of text. A run-through of escalation and then what?

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