The Hamster invasion – Martina Tonello

Text and illustrations: Martina Tonello

Hardcover, 48 pages (unpublished)

Size: 23 x 26,5 cm

© Martina Tonello
Rights represented: World.
Rights available for all languages.

Have you ever imagined hamsters as fashion victims? They are, no doubt about that. You will find it out by reading this funny and absolutely unpredictable story by Martina Tonello. Caring about her little and cute hamsters will be more and more difficult as they start to ask for a bigger house, a bigger car, and jewelry. As the Hamster-family gets bigger, so their requests until there is no more remedy than to ask for help.


Martina Tonello is an Italian illustrator of children’s books. She runs workshops for kids and collaborates with agencies, charities, and festivals. Her first book has been published by Electa Kids in 2018.

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