The stone and the little girl – Giuseppe Caliceti + Noemi Vola

Text: Giuseppe Caliceti
Illustrations: Noemi Vola

Hardcover, 48 pages (unpublished)

Size: 17 x 23 cm

© Giuseppe Caliceti and Noemi Vola
Rights represented: World.
Rights available for all languages.

A little girl takes a stone in her hands. She says hi, and the stone answers.
So it starts a conversation where they talk about past and present, strength and weakness, friendship and fear.
Inspired by real questions and answers invented by his students, Giuseppe Caliceti builds a little philosophic and sweet treasure, an intimate dialogue on life and time for all ages.

**Final illustrations soon available**


Giuseppe Caliceti is a school teacher, a writer, and a librarian. He is the author of many children’s books and novels, published by Bompiani, Topipittori, Edizioni San Paolo, among others.

Noemi Vola is an award-winner illustrator. Her books have been published by Corraini, Planeta Tangerina, and Bruaá.

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