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The stone and the little girl – Giuseppe Caliceti + Noemi Vola

The stone and the little girl – Giuseppe Caliceti + Noemi Vola [cl_media image="{'id':'2528','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/COP_Sasso-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json"] Text: Giuseppe Caliceti Illustrations: Noemi Vola Hardcover, 48 pages (unpublished) Size: 17 x 23 cm [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Giuseppe Caliceti and Noemi Vola Rights represented: World. Rights available for all languages. A little girl takes a stone in her hands. She says hi, and the stone answers. So it starts a conversation where they talk about past and present, strength and weakness, friendship and fear. Inspired by real questions and answers invented by his students, Giuseppe Caliceti builds a little philosophic and sweet treasure, an intimate dialogue on life and time for all ages. **Final illustrations soon available**   Giuseppe Caliceti is a school teacher, a writer, and a librarian. He is the author of many children’s books and novels, published by Bompiani, Topipittori, Edizioni San Paolo, among others. Noemi Vola is an award-winner illustrator. Her books have been published by Corraini, Planeta [...]
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The Hamster Invasion – Martina Tonello

The Hamster invasion – Martina Tonello [cl_media image="{'id':'2520','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/COP_Criceti-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json"] Text and illustrations: Martina Tonello Hardcover, 48 pages (unpublished) Size: 23 x 26,5 cm [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Martina Tonello Rights represented: World. Rights available for all languages. Have you ever imagined hamsters as fashion victims? They are, no doubt about that. You will find it out by reading this funny and absolutely unpredictable story by Martina Tonello. Caring about her little and cute hamsters will be more and more difficult as they start to ask for a bigger house, a bigger car, and jewelry. As the Hamster-family gets bigger, so their requests until there is no more remedy than to ask for help.   Martina Tonello is an Italian illustrator of children’s books. She runs workshops for kids and collaborates with agencies, charities, and festivals. Her first book has been published by Electa Kids in 2018. [cl_media image="{'id':'2521','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/criceti1-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"][cl_media image="{'id':'2522','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/criceti2-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"][cl_media image="{'id':'2524','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/criceti3-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"]
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The real boat – Marina Aromshtam + Victoria Semykina

The ral boat – Marina Aromshtam + Victoria Semykina [cl_media image="{'id':'2512','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/COP_RealBoat-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json"] Text: Marina Aromshtam Illustrations: Victoria Semykina Hardcover, 64 pages - originally published by Templar Publishing, 2017 Size: 29,4 x 25,4 cm [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Marina Aromshtam and Victoria Semykina Rights represented: Korean, Japanese, Complex and Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Finnish and Dutch languages. Rights available for all languages. “Real boats sail on the ocean. I want to sail there, too, just like a real boat!” So a paper boat starts a journey from a pond to the ocean, meeting other boats, along the river first, then in the harbor, and to the sea, until waves are so big that the little boat sinks. Is he going to spend the rest of his life underwater? A diver finds him and the paper boat finally has the name he deserves: Intrepid!   Marina Aromshtam is an award-winning Russian writer and teacher. She has been shortlisted for the Leo Tolstoy [...]
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Dimitri on the road – Artur Givargizov + Victoria Semykina

Dimitri on the road – Artur Givargizov + Victoria Semykina [cl_media image="{'id':'2504','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/COP_Dmitri-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json"] Text: Artur Givargizov Illustrations: Victoria Semykina Hardcover, 48 pages - originally published in Russian by Egmont, 2017 Size: 22,3 x 21,3 cm [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Artur Givargizov and Victoria Semykina Rights represented: World except Russian. Rights available for all languages. Dimitri is a very imaginative boy. He loves to go skating, by bike and by bus. He knows all about good manners: he gives up the seat to old ladies, respects speed limits, he crosses the street on the crosswalks. Despite all these premises, things are not as clear as they seem, and Dimitri will make his own interpretation of common sense and the Highway code.   Artur Givargizov is one of the most acclaimed and respected Russian writers. He published more than 30 titles and won many prestigious national awards. His style is full of humor and built on paradox. Victoria Semykina is a [...]
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I miss you, I think of you, I can’t wait to see you

I miss you, I think of you, I can't wait to see you – Angela Valsecchi + Allegra Agliardi [cl_media image="{'id':'2482','url':'http://www.phileasfoggagency.com/beta/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/COP_Mimanchi-150x150.jpg'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json"] Text: Angela Valsecchi Illustrations: Allegra Agliardi Hardcover, 48 pages - Unpublished Size: 10 x 15 cm (postcard) [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Angela Valsecchi and Allegra Agliardi Rights represented: World. Rights available for all languages. A postcard-size picture book about the relationship between a child and a mother, a dialogue where the same situation - first day at school, summer holidays, a journey - is seen from the point of view of both of them. It is a celebration of this inner connection, of the deep love that feeds blood and bones. A book that mums and sons can share and read together, helping to express what sometimes it is not easy to put in words.   Angela Valsecchi is a journalist and a writer. Allegra Agliardi illustrates picture books for the most prestigious publishers in Italy and abroad. [...]
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Un buen día

Un buen día – Daniel Nesquens + Miren Asiain Lora [cl_column css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json" width="1/2"] Text: Daniel Nesquens Illustrations: Miren Asiain Lora Hardcover, 32 pages Size: 21 x 23 cm (draft) [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Daniel Nesquens and Miren Asiain Lora Rights represented: World. Rights sold to: English (US), French (World), Italian and Simplified Chinese. Rights available for all languages. A tiger and a cat are best friends. They spend time together in the tiger’s cage at the zoo, talking about what they like, what happens around them, how they feel. The tiger dreams of being free as her little friend. She talks about the magic sky of the savannah, and the wonderful things she would like to do. They decide to find a way to make her escape, make a good plan, but someone unexpected will discover them. A story about freedom, friendship, helping each other and how you can find a fellow where you would have never imagined.   Daniel [...]
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Merlino – Allegra Agliardi [cl_column background_image="{}_-_json" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json" width="1/2"] Text and illustrations: Allegra Agliardi Hardcover, 32 pages - Unpublished Size: 21 x 27,5 cm (draft) [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Allegra Agliardi Rights represented: World. Rights available for all languages. When Merlin arrived he was shy as a bird, as strong as a dragon and as smart as a rabbit. But who he really is? Page after page, the story of a special friendship, where imagination is the key to discover the mysterious character behind those black paws.   Allegra Agliardi is an Italian illustrator and designer. She works with international publishers and design firms and she teaches drawing skills to adults and children. One of her latest titles has been published by Tate.
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Globetrotter – Martina Bonina [cl_column background_image="{}_-_json" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'0px'}_-_json" width="1/2"] Text and illustrations: Martina Bonina Hardcover, 40 pages - Unpublished Size: 37 x 27 cm (draft) [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'0','padding-bottom':'0'}_-_json"] © Martina Bonina Rights represented: World. Rights available for all languages. Around the world with Cork the dog and his friend: from Rome to the desert, by bus, train, car or bike. A book full of details and places to discover, famous buildings and sights of big cities like Amsterdam or Tokyo. Different means of transport for many locations, people and situations, to intrigue the readers and show them how big and wonderful the world can be!   Martina Bonina is an Italian illustrator based in Dublin, where she moved right after her degree in Illustration at ISIA in Urbino, Italy. She works as a freelance graphic designer for different studios.
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