Rue Ballu is the name of the street where Lili and Nadia Boulanger lived in Paris. Two women who left a deep proof in the History of Music and Music Pedagogy and whose spirit inspired the Italian publisher rueBallu Edizioni with their collection of special, illustrated bios of great musicians for children from 8 years old, called Jeunesse ottopiù.

With titles dedicated to Bach, Chopin, but also Franco Battiato and Emily Dickinson, these books aim to put in contact young readers with music, its history and names. Writers as Beatrice Masini, Fulvia degl’Innocenti and Guia Risari are illustrated by awarded artists like Pia Valentinis, Chiara Carrer and Paolo d’Altan.

Every book propose a specific and original style: the crossed-referenced imaginary interview, the ghost story, the diary, to speak to the readers in the most direct, simple and deep way, to tickle their curiosity, giving keys and suggestions to approach the single character, music and history.

The design of these books, which recall notebooks or diaries, with a strong, heavy, colorful paper, contributes to the coherence and high profile of the entire collection.

Phileas Fogg represents their catalog for all countries and languages.

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