Carthusia edizioni

Carthusia in an Italian publisher based in Milan.
Since its foundation, the aim of the publisher is to make illustrated books with strong messages, working closely with professionals: doctors, psychologists, teachers, therapists. The catalog includes titles that helps adults and children to face all the beauty and the ugly of our lives: happiness and sadness, health and illness, life and death. There is nothing a book can’t talk about.

Representation: English, French and Spanish languages.
Collections represented:

Big Squared stories
Large-format illustrated books in which great authors and great illustrators tell simple and universal stories to talk about important topics. At the end of each book, some interactive pages invite the reader to get involved.

Squared Stories
Illustrated books with short and delicate stories designed for children, and with final pages of activity. A series which collects stories able of telling important and difficult topics with light words.

Painted music, a bit’ outlandish
Learning to read means learning to listen and empathy. Educating oneself in images means exploring space, shapes, tones, colors, rhythms… basically, the first steps towards understanding music. This series is the daring bet by an original musician with Carthusia, to accompany the little readers in different paths, where the sonority of words and the power of images will allow them to “listen” to the illustrations and to “watch” the music.

Silent books
SILENT BOOK CONTEST – GIANNI DE CONNO AWARD International competition dedicated to the wordless book promoted by Comune di Mulazzo, Associazione Montereggio Paese dei Librai, Carthusia Edizioni, IOB International Organisation of Book Towns, IBBY Italia and Bologna Children’s Book Fair. And under the auspices of the Centro per il Libro e la Lettura. In 2018 it has reached its fifth edition.

I need a story
A series of illustrated volumes which tell beautiful stories that deal with important and difficult themes in simple language. Each volume is the result of work carried out by a group of experts working hand in hand with both author and illustrator in order to create these books.


The Carnival of the animals – Carthusia edizioni

The Bag – Carthusia edizioni

Sanmao – Carthusia edizioni

Immagina – Carthusia edizioni

Che capolavoro! – Carthusia edizioni

Il buon viaggio – Carthusia edizioni

Il Principe Azzurro | La principessa Fuxia – Carthusia edizioni

Non insegnate ai bambini – Carthusia edizioni

Il respiro di tutti – Carthusia edizioni

Il posto giusto – Carthusia edizioni

Cavalcavia – Carthusia edizioni

Angeli – Carthusia edizioni

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