Éditions Notari

The Swiss publishing house Éditions Notari was born in 2006. Luca and Paola Notari publish illustrated fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and children. Their collections reflect a variety of contents and views on the complexity of the world. The connection between image and text is the center of their research. Their children’s book collection is called “L’oiseau sur le rhino”.

Representation: World


Cora’s Adventures – Éditions Notari

Comment-ça, il a renoncé?

Marta & Moi – Éditions Notari

Le renard et l’aviateur – Éditions Notari

On m’a dit que la lune – Éditions Notari

Montagnes – Éditions Notari

Mir – Éditions Notari

Coeur de bois – Éditions Notari

Le plus bel hiver – Éditions Notari

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