Bibi ha perso la storia cop

Bibi ha perso la storia (Bibi Lost The Story) (Book Project - Unpublished)
written and illustrated by Giovanni Colaneri

Materials available:
• Full storyboard with final illustrations
• Draft English translation from Italian

Size: 21 x 29,5 cm
Pages: 48

Rights are available for all languages.

Bibi lost the story.
Is it this? No, this should be the one of an elephant.
Maybe the story is at the bakery? No, no.
It seems that everybody has a story except Bibi, who walks through the book, meets people, animals and goes to different places but feels that something is not right, something is missing. Or not?

The world is full of people, objects, situations. We find a sense into it through our experiences, by being open-minded, sensitive, careful. Full-pages illustrations filled with details, a surrealistic and quite metaphysic atmosphere, a constant sense of surprise accompany the reader in this book project. This is a story to talk about losing oneself, looking for one’s identity and motivation. Sometimes, you feel that the world drives your life, instead of your will and decisions. All this happens at different levels depending on your age and moment of your life, and often we are unable to understand where we lost ourselves and what we are looking for. This picture book gives voice and images to this specific moment and, by adding that bit of humor, it pushes to reconsider our path and find a new one.

Bibi ha perso la storia
Bibi ha perso la storia