Cane cop

Cane zoppo (Lame Dog)
Text by Marisa Vestita and illustrations by Giulia Pastorino
Publisher: Edizioni Clichy (Italy)

Hardcover, 23 x 30 cm
Pages: 40

Rights represented: World
Rights sold to Korean
Rights available for all languages

I have a lot of stickers, a collection of toy cars and a thousand fantastic dinosaurs, but you can’t touch any Of these things, are you envious? No, not at all, because I have a lame dog! A hilarious dialogue between two children in which they addresses a very common feeling among toddlers: the desire to excel over others. Backing up the little protagonist an irresistible anti-hero: a whimsical lame dog who, with his generosity and oddity, arouses the envy of those who cannot buy him. A hilarious read to teach children the importance of caring for each other against the futility of material goods: a value to be cultivated that can protect us from all bullying and overpowering.

Cane zoppo
Cane zoppo
Cane zoppo