Elio Sbattitutto

Elio Sbattitutto (Elio Megamixer)
Text by Mathilde Tourbillon, illustrations by Luigi Berio
Publisher: Edizioni Clichy (Italy)

Hardcover, 23 x 30 cm
Pages: 32

Rights represented: World
Rights available for all languages

Elio is a child a little bit different from the others: he never manages to be stationary, especially with the arms, which shakes as relentlessly as a blender. That's why Elio is a super active child. And when you are a super active kid, things can get a little complicated: If you go fishing with your dad, he'll get angry because you make the fish run away, in the pool you end up splashing everyone and at school no one gets sits next to you for fear of accidentally slapping himself. An day, however, Elio meets a special person: the great French pastry chef Monsieur Jacques. And he discovers that when it comes to mounting egg whites, mix, blend and mix, have two arms that run around relentlessly is a superpower. Monsieur Jacques has not doubt: Elio will one day become the greatest confectioner in the world, his worthy heir!