Text by Barbara Ferraro and illustrations by Francesca Ballarini
Publisher: Lupo Guido (Italy)

Hardcover, 19 x 25 cm
Pages: 40

Rights represented: World 
Rights available for all languages

Two little brothers are troubled because their mother is ill. They read in their grandfather book that in France there’s a magical dog, called Guinefort, who could heal their mother. They decided to do whatever it takes to find this dog. They prepare all the necessary to set off on a journey: a compass, some rope, pencils, a notebook, a camera and of course, a lot of chocolate. Convinced to have gone to France (but actually they’ll travel across their neighborhood), the kids will find Guinefort and the mother will be healed. A classic children tale dressed up in a modern setting about care, brotherhood, courage, determination and growth.

Guinefort takes inspiration from a medieval legend of the XIII century. A rich merchant from Lion leaves his dog to guard the cradle of his son. When he returns home, he finds the cradle empty and covered with blood: he thinks that his dog attacked his child. Blinded by pain, the man kills Guinefort – only to find a dead viper near the cradle, killed by his dog to save his son. From that day on, Guinefort became the protector of children..