Il lungo viaggio di Cip e Tigre (The Long Journey of Cip and Tiger)
text by Fabrizio Tonello and illustrations by Aurelia Higuet
Publisher: Carthusia edizioni (Italy)

Hardcover, 25 x 23,5 cm
Pages: 40

Rights represented: English, French and Spanish languages.
Rights available for all languages

Once upon a time, there was a tiger out of place: instead of the hot tropical jungle, she was in the very cold snow-capped mountains.
Luckily she met Cip, a Norwegian kitten, and together they began their long journey. The road, however, was full of obstacles: hunger, impenetrable forests, walls, barbed wire, and border guards ready to shoot.
Will our heroines be able to arrive safe and sound?
Their adventure will be successful, but for the other travelers with whom they have shared the journey everything is still uncertain.