The Sun (Book Project - unpublished)
Text by Giuseppe Caliceti
Illustrations by Pamela Cocconi

Materials available:
• Full storyboard with final illustrations
• Draft English translation from Italian

Size: 21 x 29,5 cm
Pages: 28

Rights available for all languages

Everybody loves the Sun and everybody wants to be his best friend. But the Sun doesn't want to shine only on one animal. His rays are made for everybody.
Being "best friends" is one of the first emotional experiences in a friendship that all kids face. It can last forever, or for a day, it can bring happiness but it is can also be conflictive, and create isolation and sadness.

The Author
Giuseppe Caliceti teaches at primary school in Reggio Emilia. He is author of books for adults and children as well, published by Bompiani, Topipittori, Edizioni San Paolo, among others. In 2003, he won the Elsa Morante - L’Isola di Arturo Award for fiction. For 15 years he has been promoting and organizing Bao’bab, a municipal service that brings authors and illustrators to school with activities, meetings, and talks. He runs his own blog and writes for the Italian newspaper “Il Manifesto”.

The Illustrator
Pamela Cocconi is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator based in Reggio Emilia. She loves black and white, she is a passionate collector of nineties memories and she loves to illustrate objects. Her drawings are used on walls, pottery, t-shirts and reflect her humor and irony. She published in Italy and abroad, experimenting with colors, pencils, pens, and digital elements.