Piccolo sonno (Little Sleep)
Text by Alessandro Riccioni and illustrations by Francesca Ballarin
Publisher: Lupo Guido (Italy)

Hardcover, 19 x 24 cm
Pages: 32 

Rights represented: World 
Rights available for all languages

Old Mr. Jack is sitting in the park when he clearly hears a cat fetching a bird not far from him. Mr. Jack intervenes to save the bird only to discover that it’s not any bird: it’s the bird of death, that has come to tell him it’s time to go. However, touched by the kindness of Mr. Jack, the bird is ready to fulfill his last wish: Mr. Jack asks then to see his wife once again. The bird gladly makes his wish come true. It gives Mr. Jack a small black stone and told him to put it under his pillow every first day of each month. The procedure works and Mr. Jack will see his wife again. Jack’s kindness had the power to change his destiny. A story in which love and death are inextricably linked, between dream and reality.