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Pimpa nello spazio (Pimpa travels through space)
Text and illustrations by Altan
Publisher: Franco Panini ragazzi (Italy)

Board book with rounded corners, 24 x 24 cm
with glow in the dark and touch-and-feel materials
Pages: 24

Rights represented: World 
Rights available for all languages

Pimpa travels around a galaxy full of surprises and special effects, taking children on a dreamy adventure. Every page has a different special effect material: glitter planets, golden stars, touch-and-feel animals and glow-in-the-dark scenarios!

Who is Pimpa?
A joyful and curious little dog with red spots. She is the symbol of discovery, imagination and freedom of expression. With her positive attitude she lives exciting new adventures every day along with her friends and her special “guide” Armando. A perfect mix of tradition and modernity, recently involved in a special graphic restyling.

27 series developed
more than 150 titles published
over 6.5 million copies sold
a monthly magazine with more than 4000 active signings
a line of dedicated merchandising

Discover her unforgettable world also online (in Italian) 

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