Quando arrivi è Natale (When you are here, it's Christmas)
Text by Barbara Ferraro and illustrations by Serena Mabilia
Publisher: Lupo Guido (Italy)

Hardcover, 14,5 x 21,5 cm
Pages: 64

Rights represented: World 
Rights available for all languages

It’s Christmas Time and Tobia is about to go at his grandparents. Unfortunately he forgets Junior, his inseparable Teddy Bear, at home: what a disaster! Junior manages to get out of the house and thanks to the funny seagull Ernest they set off to reach Tobia. It’s a very adventurous journey: they’ll be hit by a firework that will knock them into the sea but thanks to help of the fish that live in “cloud-pools”, Junior will be able to reach Tobia’s grandparents house and in time for Christmas. From disaster to the best Christmas ever! A fantastic fairy tale, inspired by a true story, for those who are still able to recognize the magic in small daily gestures.