Se riesco io, puoi farcela anche tu (If I Can, You Can Do It, Too)
Text by Roberta Brioschi and Ahnnarita da Bellonio, illustrations by Lorenzo Sangió
Publisher: Carthusia edizioni (Italy)

Collection: Big Squared Stories
Hardcover, 28,5 x 28,5 cm
Pages: 36

Rights represented: English, French, and Spanish languages
Rights available for all languages

When an early spring awakens the forest’s animals from hibernation, Turtle begins the journey to the top of the hill, where she will celebrate her first centenary. Bear accompanies her, apparently overbearing but actually just tenderly clumsy. Along the way the two improvised friends will meet so many animals who, after the first grumpy approaches by Bear, will join the caravan. This way, a very numerous and variously assorted company of animals will be formed, which step by step will teach Bear how beautiful it is to collaborate for a common goal.