Sentimientos Encontrados

Sentimientos encontrados (Founded Feelings)
Text by Gustavo Puerta, illustrations by Elena Odriozola
Publisher: Ediciones Modernas El Embudo (Spain)

**Winner of the Grand Prix at the BIB 2021**

Hardcover, 34 x 24,5 cm
Pages: 42

Rights represented: Italian, German and French
Rights available for all languages

This illustrated book is a philosophical proposal for both children and grownups to think about feelings – both the text and the illustrations encourage deep reflection. How is envy different from jealousy? Why is there pain and a little pleasure when we feel nostalgic? Is guilt more painful than shame? By looking at different situations experienced by seven characters who inhabit a single house, the reader can explore their own feelings, as well as those of the characters. The reader is also invited to reflect on the subtleties that make each of these feelings unique; they may even gain insights into how we often wrongly interpret our feelings. This books lends itself to many different readings. Some readers will perhaps focus and reflect on everything that is happening in a single vignette. Others might follow the deeds of one character throughout a range of illustrations. The book can be read from start to finish or by just focusing on one of the 16 emotional categories represented within it. Nevertheless, the best taste is always provided by the carefully considered combination of the text and the illustrations. At all times we can see what each character is doing in a specific situation in terms of one of these core feelings; or we can do this the other way around - once a feeling is found in the text, we can find an image that best illustrates it.