Settecani (Sevendogs)
Text by Davide Calì, illustrations by Alice Piaggio
Publisher: Edizioni Clichy (Italy)

Hardcover, 28 x 28 cm
Pages: 36

Rights represented: World
Rights available for all languages

Since childhood, Osvaldo has dreamed of being an archaeologist. So he studied a lot and then discovered that, for some reason, nobody seems to want to hire archaeologists. Then, Osvaldo became a dog sitter. Every day he walks seven dogs: Horatio, Waffles, Chewbacca, Oliver, Miss, Sherlock and Paprika. One day, in the park, he meets Annalaura, also a young dog-sitter who looks after Nelson, Wafer, Yoda, Onions, Piggy, Watson and Pepper. But, alas, the two are very much inexperienced, and so the dogs get tangled in a melee and Annalaura and Osvaldo take away a wrong dog: Waffles and Wafer exchanged! What a mess! Then the two of them put up posters in order to find the right dogs and so Osvaldo and Annalaura meet again. At the end, Osvaldo will not be an archaeologist, but at least he will have found love: and isn’t love an important thing? With its irresistible irony, Davide Calì tells us about love at the time of the precarious working. Because life does not always go as we plan, but maybe, after all, it is better this way.