Beppe Giacobbe

Beppe Giacobbe works for several Italian and foreign magazines. The New York Times, the Italian Corriere della sera and many other magazines, newspapers and publications hosted his artworks. Considered one of the best artists in Italy, and abroad, and an inspiration for many younger artists, he received numerous awards like the Gold Medal Communication Arts in 2009 and the Italian Illustration Award of Excellence. Phaidon, Harper Collins, Nathan are just some of the international publishers he worked with.

Selected clients in the US: Simon & Shuster, Harper Collins, Los Angeles Book Review, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, United Airlines, Duke Magazine, Notre Dame Magazine.

Selected clients in the UK: Phaidon, CNN.

Selected clients in France: Nathan, Edition du Rouegue, Bayard, La maison est en carton, Seuil, Courrier International, Gallimard.

Selected clients in Italy: RCS Corriere della sera, Einaudi, Mondadori, Laterza, Lazy Dog Press, La Grande Illusion, Chiare Lettere, Il Saggiatore, Solferino.