Ts’ai Lun

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Since 2017, the Ts’Ai Lun 105 Association has been promoting and encouraging knowledge of “libro-gioco” (literally “game book”, or “interactive book”, a specific type of picture book for children with illustrations, holes, cut-outs etc) production techniques through the call for “The libri-gioco are made with machines” aimed at young people between 22 and 30 years old and residing in Italy.
The meeting with the finalists and the winners has created a nursery of designers who enter the publishing market with new ideas and solid skills. In particular, thanks to the intensive training internship at the Montebello paper manufacturing, a European leader in the field, the winners have gained a unique technical experience in transforming a project into an industrial product, acquiring specific knowledge on the types of game-books and the range of materials, the functioning of the machines, printing processes, the subsequent processing and packaging.
This original portfolio brings to the eyes of publishers and professionals the most interesting projects encountered over time to contribute to the creation of new job opportunities and the dissemination of the libro-gioco culture.


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