Una storia senza Cliché!

Una storia senza Cliché! (No cliché in this story!)
Text by Davide Calì, illustrations by Anna Aparicio Catalá
Publisher: Edizioni Clichy (Italy)

Hardcover, 23,5 x 29,5 cm
Pages: 36

Rights represented: World
Rights sold to: Korea
Rights available for all languages

«This is the story of a knight who...» «Oh no! It's time to put an end to the knights who save the princesses! It's a cliché, and sexist! The princesses are capable of saving themselves» «Okay, okay, so this is the story of a knight who goes to slay an evil dragon» «Why evil? That's a bit of a cliché too, isn't it?». Our narrator has a very conscious and demanding young reader: she won't accept clichés in this story. No princesses in danger, dragons and evil witches. And not even violence and alcohol: they are not good for the little readers. But the beautiful stories, from what world it is, are full of clichés and politically incorrect elements... and if you want to take them all away, you get some rather odd results. Perhaps that some cliché is not the end of the world?

Una storia senza Cliché!
Una storia senza Cliché!