Ya sé vestirme sola (I can dress up by myself)
Text and illustrations by Elena Odriozola
Publisher: Ediciones Modernas El Embudo (Spain)

Hardcover, 18 x 16 cm
Pages: 22 with openings

Rights represented: Italian, German and French
Rights available for all languages

The sun rises and it is time to dress up! How can I do that? I try, I fail, then I succeed. A book to learn how to get dressed, and also to understand that you can learn something by trying and that every time you fail, there is another opportunity to start and do things better. 

From Ediciones Modernas el Embudo comes a series of books to talk about some of these first steps: Ya sé vestirme sola (I know how to get dressed), Ya sé prepararme el desayuno (I know how to make breakfast) and soon Ya sé sacar de paseo al perro (I know how to take the dog out). Three starter basic themes: body, food, and the environment. The “Ya sé” collection will grow, even more, thanks to the expert hands of Elena Odriozola, author and illustrator of the three volumes.