Franco Cosimo Panini

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The publishing house was founded in 1989 by Franco Cosimo Panini after the change in ownership of Panini Stickers, which he founded together with his brothers. Firstly specialized in arts books, soon the expertise has been extended to children’s books. Today they make child-focused, parent-friendly children’s books for ages 0-12. Their main aim is to offer children and parents the necessary tools to grow happily, in a stimulating environment and surrounded by resources that can be easily used and applied to every single need.


ZEROTRE(0-3 years old) collection is focused on books with interactive elements that stimulate toddlers and their approach to the surrounding world.
PICTURE BOOKS COLLECTION, in collaboration with international acclaimed authors and illustrators, including poetry and fiction titles.
NON FICTION TITLES, for all ages, based on a solid partnerships with environmental, cultural and museum entities creating a list of interactive titles touching historic, biographic and scientific fields.
CHARACTERS – Pimpa by Altan and Giulio Coniglio by Nicoletta Costa, with a wide range of products and books for all ages.


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Pimpa nello spazio
Il mondo intorno a te – 3 titles